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14 New Deal Breakers In 2014

This year brings a whole new set of reasons to kick people out of your life.

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1. Not loving Taylor Swift's new album. Deal breaker!

Big Machine / Via

2. Being on Tinder even though WE ARE TOTALLY DATING. Deal breaker!


3. Not identifying as a feminist. Deal breaker!

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4. Not achieving at least a C-list celebrity status. Deal breaker!

5. Off fleek? Deal breaker!

6. Still thinking soccer is un-American. Deal breaker!

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7. Not getting on the "Serial" bandwagon. Deal breaker!

8. DVRing The Mysteries of Laura. Deal breaker!

Berlanti Productions / Via

9. Disagreeing with anything I say about Woody Allen. Deal breaker!

United Artists / Via

10. Self-identifying as a "disruptive innovator." Deal breaker!

Zazzle / Via

11. Being a little too into this season of Game of Thrones. Deal breaker!

HBO / Via

12. Donating more to a Kickstarter campaign than you would spend on dinner out with me. Deal breaker!


13. Wearing Google Glass... like, for real. Deal breaker!

NBC Studios

14. Having opinions. Deal breaker!

Get Taylor Swift A Booty

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Get Taylor Swift A Booty

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