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    Prince's Junior High Basketball Photo Will Blow Your Mind

    The Purple One is more than just a music genius.

    Prince is a god among men. Even decades after his heyday, he brings otherworldly powers and glamour into our lives. Remember his 2007 Super Bowl halftime show?

    Or even this year's Grammys?

    Or even on New Girl?

    This man knows what it sounds like when doves cry! But there's one thing you may not know about his purpleness:

    He used to ball in junior high!

    Another Prince-related clip from the Strib archives, looking back at his hooping days at Bryant Junior High.

    And apparently he was pretty good!

    From the Strib archives: Chappelle was right.

    It turns out this Dave Chapelle re-enactment was more accurate than we ever knew!

    This proves it: Prince is magic, and we all must bow down.