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23 Sunscreen Fails That Are Way Too Real

Practice makes perfect!

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1. Applying sunscreen requires skill and finesse.

2. Experts make it look easy.

When you fail at putting sunscreen on 😂

4. Never forget key body parts. Like knees.

Who wants to play, "What Part of the Body Did Thomas Fail To Apply Sunscreen To?"

5. Or hands.

Not cycling for sure. PRT @samcowen: Here's my sunburn fail of the weekend. No I don't know how I made that shape.

6. Or feet.

Rule of thumb don't forget to put sunscreen on your feet... #fail

7. Or most of your body.

Sunscreen Fail #JamaicaProbz #WayBack

8. Ask for help.

How not to apply sunscreen to your back. #fail

9. But don't blame your brother.

My brother doesn't know how to put on his own sunscreen... #fail

10. Or your girlfriend.

@DiscParkRide and get you girlfriend/other to help you apply #sunscreenfail

12. Even if it's their fault.

This is what happens when you ask your girlfriend to spray on the sunscreen #fail #zigzag #tanline @nathan_lenner

13. Don't forget to rub it in.

14. And don't let it drip.

My lovely sunscreen fail..... #SO #CUTE

15. Don't just focus on one spot.

16. Avoid surprise tramp stamps.

Apparently I'm not very good at rubbing in my sunscreen. #fail #trampstamp

17. Gentlemen, look beyond your nipples.

Sunscreen fail? @Bjjewski @JamesTGreener8

18. You are a man, not a zebra.

19. Sunscreen spray can be a cruel lover.

Boys need to learn how to do spray sunscreen. #SMGTtoDR #sunscreenfail

20. Ditto to sunscreen sticks.

21. Don't get overconfident.

13 days of winning... epic fail on day 14 & I don't even know how I did it. This is gonna HURT. #sunburn

22. Know when enough is enough.

23. And always look on the bright side: SUNSCREEN WORKS!

In case you need proof... Sunscreen DOES work. #fail #morethanshouldersburn

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