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    Michael B. Jordan Got Laid The Fuck Out While Filming "Creed"

    Not his beautiful face! Look what they've done to his beautiful face!

    Michael B. Jordan is getting unanimous praise for his role in Creed, the Rocky reboot that has already earned more the $65 million at the box office.

    Warner Bros.

    Jordan plays Apollo Creed's son, an up-and-coming boxer who struggles to create his own legacy in the ring. The 28-year-old star worked hard to get into physical shape for the role with a combination of dieting and intense workouts.

    Yesterday, Sylvester Stallone posted a video on Twitter and Instagram that proved just how committed Jordan was to the movie. He took a punch. A very HARD punch, that appeared to knock him out.

    Stallone had nothing but praise.

    On The Bill Simmons Podcast, Jordan recounted that during the shooting, Stallone pressured him to take the punch. "He's like, 'No, you gotta take a real punch.' Like, pretty much, I had to really get hit."

    "I was smelling canvas," he said. "I definitely know what they say, 'When you see stars' now...I just said, 'Don't go towards the light.'"

    We can all rest assured that Jordan survived and nothing happened to that beautiful face.

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

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