21 BuzzTeam Posts That Literally Stopped The World From Tilting On Its Axis And Brought The Universe To A Long-Overdue Halt

    These are the BuzzTeam posts that brought about our inevitable and well-deserved demise this week.

    1. Best way to relive the traumatic elevator ride you took this morning.

    2. Best alternate (romantic) realities with Harry Styles.

    3. Best fast-acting antidote to "maninism."

    4. Best way to feel suddenly and unexpectedly nostalgic for "Snake" on the Nokia.

    5. Best Disney princes as ranked by your Jewish mother. They're not all "nice Jewish boys.”

    6. Best tales of cats who are just like us, only much, much weirder.

    7. Best conspiracy theories for everyone who's moved beyond wondering whether "Maybe Don did it?"

    8. Best Bey-mas Ever. Santa hurry down the chimney!

    9. Closest you'll come to your dream of actually crawling inside Robbie Rogers' skin.

    10. Best test to see if you actually deserve your high school diploma.

    11. Most convincing argument that Nancy Drew is an extremely bad influence.

    12. The most difficult questions in all seven kingdoms.

    13. Best BuzzFeed staff writer - sober or not.

    14. Best reminder that 2014 was a really sad year.

    16. Best argument that Mr. Darcy is wildly overrated.


    18. Best wake-up call for comic book fans.

    19. Best evidence that drunk animals are the wisest animals of them all.

    21. And the best way to get Ryan Gosling to pose in your Holiday card.