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Posted on Jan 20, 2015

Are You A Poser?

You big fake! The only thing worse than lying to others is lying to yourself.

  1. 1. Scenario 1:

    You walk by someone wearing clearly knockoff Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. You:

  2. 2. Scenario 2

    Your parents have money, but your friends still have to work longer and harder than you. You:

  3. 3. Scenario 3

    Everyone is talking about the latest hip-hop tracks, but you only listen to rock and are clueless. When someone asks if you like The Weeknd, you reply:

  4. 4. Scenario 4

    One of your oldest friends is a total reg. Your new hipster friends are confused about why she's always around. You say:

  5. 5. Scenario 5

    You're in a bit of a romantic dry spell. When sex talk comes up with your friends, you say:

  6. 6. Scenario 6

    All your friends are going to a bar that you hate. They ask if you want to go, and you reply:

  7. 7. Scenario 7

    You just started dating a vegetarian, but you basically eat meat in every meal. You:

  8. 8. Scenario 8

    Beyoncé is not your cup of tea, but the entire world thinks she's the queen. You:

  9. 9. Scenario 9

    You don't have any tattoos, but everyone around you looks so edgy with their new ink. You:

Editors Note: This quiz was inspired by an issue of Sassy magazine.

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