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We Tried Five Weeks Of Ballet Fitness And This Is What Happened

"I want to be taut like a string."

Cardio Barre is a high-energy cardio workout that combines ballet work, weights, and a continuous fat-burning routine. It's become a recent craze in the workout we decided to try it ourselves and see what all the hype was about:

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Jen's end goal for the program was to come out "taut like a string."

Maycie's goal was to lose a little weight and tighten up her stomach.

Daysha's goal was to lose the weight she gained since her last P90X challenge.

Ryan's goal was to lose some of his "skinny fat."

And Shane's goal was to get lean over the five weeks.

Things didn't start off super easy for the group. Most of them were feeling the burn before the workout was even over.

There were definitely moments when they felt like giving up...

...and a whole lot of groaning.

At the halfway point, each participant should have gone to at least nine Cardio Barre sessions. Ryan called the Cardio Barre studio to see just how often each person had really been going...

Daysha was going above and beyond and went to 10 classes.

Ryan came in a close second, tallying seven classes.

Shane and Maycie went to five classes...

...and Jen was NOT feelin' it, leaving her at only two classes.

It was time for the final push. The participants tried to step up their game so they could get the results they wanted.

Daysha dropped 3 pounds. But tbh, she didn't give a fuq what the scale said... She felt fierce as hell.

Ryan's work paid off, as he dropped a couple pounds and got leaner.

Maycie loved the program, and maintained her weight during the five weeks.

Shane was a big fan of Cardio Barre and had a leaner figure to show for it.

Jen was NOT a fan. I mean, hey, ballet workouts aren't for everyone!

Overall, like any workout, to get results you gotta put in the work. But the results are WORTH. IT.