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We Slept In A Haunted Hospital And We're Pretty Shook

What spirits lurk down the halls of Waverly Hills Sanatorium?

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We've been to some pretty messed up places on BuzzFeed Unsolved, but this week... we really outdid ourselves:

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Allow us to introduce Waverly Hills Sanatorium, an abandoned Kentucky hospital.

The halls of this place seemingly stretch for miles, and the facility as a whole is reportedly crawling with paranormal activity. This is where nightmares are made.

On July 26, 1910, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium opened its doors to treat patients of tuberculosis. However, to sustain the growing Tuberculosis epidemic, the facility had to increase in size 16 years later.

The building is five stories tall, and during the tuberculosis epidemic, each floor was reportedly overflowing with patients.

For those who don't know, tuberculosis is referred to as the plague of all plagues. It eats away at the lungs and claimed roughly two billion lives in total.

Due to it being highly contagious, patients were quarantined at Waverly Hills Sanatorium and completely shut off from the outside world.

Death was so common at Waverly, there even was a tunnel referred to as "the body chute" where dead bodies were disposed.

At the bottom of this horrifying tunnel, we heard a strange noise and some sort of screaming, which we assumed (and hoped) was from an animal.

The morgue is also said to be a supernatural hotspot in the hospital.

We also investigated an elevator shaft that man and his dog reportedly fell down. Here, Ryan felt something "breathe" on his hand when he stuck his arm through the door.

One of the creepiest resident ghosts ever reported is a little boy named Timmy who people say likes to play with a little blue ball.

So, we threw a blue ball down a hallway to see if Timmy would throw it back and...

...OK, it didn't come back. BUT something even weirder happened. Ryan and Shane heard the ball bounce a few extra times and...

...they found the ball in a room down the hall sitting under the name "Ryan" that had been tagged on a wall. Do yourselves a favor and check this scene out in the video.

After this happened, Ryan really needed a moment.

Another paranormal hot spot in the hospital was a place where a nurse apparently hanged herself.

Foolishly, this was where the boys decided to sleep for the night.

They woke this next morning to find the hospital as terrifying in the daylight as it was at night, and promptly left the building.

  1. So what do you think? Is Waverly Hills Sanatorium haunted?

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So what do you think? Is Waverly Hills Sanatorium haunted?
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