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These Guys Investigated A Haunted Mine And Might Have Contacted The Dead

"The only place haunted is a mine."

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BuzzFeed Unsolved's Supernatural is back! To kick things off, Ryan and Shane visited Vulture Mine in Arizona to continue their ongoing investigation to find out if ghosts are real:

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Before their visit, they wanted to learn more about the small town. In 1863, Prospector Henry Wickenburg founded Vulture Mine after finding a quartz deposit with gold in Sonoran Desert, AZ. It quickly became Arizona's most successful gold mine.

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Between 1863 and 1942, it produced over 340,000 ounces of gold and 260,000 ounces of silver. Today, the gold alone would be equivalent to roughly 430 million dollars.

The mine was so lucrative that an accompanying mine settlement called Vulture City was built in 1866 to meet the needs of the many new miners.

But by the 1890s there was a serious downturn in the mine's productivity. However, it wasn't until the outbreak of WW2 that mines nonessential to the war effort were shut down, forcing Vulture Mine to close.


Here, Ryan asked if there were any spirits in the room to make a noise and a few minutes later, the boys heard a loud click.


Vulture Mine is also where the notorious Jacob Waltz AKA, "The Lost Dutchman" likely worked as a foreman for several years.

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Waltz was known to be one of the worst thieves the mine ever saw. He also claimed to have a secret mine in the Superstition Mountains where he would return with enormous quantities of gold. To this day, nobody has found the mine and it is now known as "The Dutchman's Lost Mine."

Despite the name, it's a site filled with great tragedy. In 1923, the cavern collapsed after one of the stone support pillars was overmined. The collision left those killed trapped and buried in the rubble.


People have reported rocks being thrown at them and dust falling from the ceiling as if someone is above. One investigator captured an EVP, or electronic voice phenomena, of someone saying, "Get out."


When they entered the storage room, the guys decided to place a motion light in the center of the room to see if there was any paranormal activity. Even though they didn't see or hear anything unusual, their adventures were far from over.

They visited an old schoolhouse that was used to educate the children of the miners. People have seen dark figures and have heard children's laughter. In one instance, an investigator was physically attacked by being pushed.

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Rumor has it near the schoolhouse is a mass grave of children who died from of the plague, feeding the spiritual activity within the house.


No one can say for certain if the former residents haunt this historic site. It was a place of great prosperity, but also violence and tragedy. Whether it is definitively haunted will remain unsolved.