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This Kentucky Bar Is Apparently A Portal To Hell

And we mean more than like, a normal dive bar.

We've done a lot of scary shit on Unsolved, but this week we went to an infamously haunted Kentucky Bar, Bobby Mackey's, which is said to be a portal to hell.

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Bobby Mackey's is apparently one of the most haunted bars in the US — so much so that the owners even put up a disclaimer to their patrons that they cannot be held liable for actions by spirits or ghosts.

So what's the history behind this haunted bar? Well, originally the building was said to be the location of a slaughterhouse and meat-packing facility. It then turned into a hotel, then a country club, and then a casino.

The casino was said to be run by a Cleveland gang syndicate who was heavily involved in the mob, making it unclear just how many deaths occurred there during this time.

On our way to investigate the old mob safe where they kept their money, things were already getting weird as Ryan could have sworn he saw something pass by him.

In 1961, the casino was closed by local sheriffs cracking down on organized crime.

One of the eeriest stories to happen at Bobby Mackey's starts with a woman named Johanna, who killed herself after her father (the casino owner and a gangster) killed her lover, Robert Randall.

The kicker? The bar's current owner's full name is Robert Randall Mackey, leading some to believe that the ghost of Johanna haunts Bobby Mackey's because she thinks it's her former lover.

After her father killed her lover, Johanna poisoned and killed her father as well as herself in one of the dressing rooms in Bobby Mackey's.

Another creepy incident to happen at Bobby Mackey's was the exorcism of the caretaker, Carl Lawson, in the bar's kitchen.

Lawson claimed during his time at Bobby Mackey's he became demonically possessed. He even lived on the grounds and claimed to encounter spirits on a regular basis.

So naturally we had to investigate the apartment where he lived. When inside, we found a closet with a chair in front of it that said "Do not enter. Dangerous." Here, we even caught on camera something seemingly pushing the door open from inside the closet. However, when we opened it – there was nothing to be found.

Another piece of dark history to note is the murder of Pearl Bryan, who was brutally killed by her boyfriend and his friend Alonzo Walling. She was five months pregnant at the time of her death. Apparently, her boyfriend and friend (who were both dental students) thought they had the medical know-how to perform an abortion on Pearl. It went terribly wrong and resulted in her death and decapitation to cover up the murder.

Both men were hung for Pearl's death, and it was said that Alonso claimed he would come back and haunt the grounds after he died.

Horrifically, the head of Pearl was never found. It was rumored that the two of them threw it down a well in Bobby Mackey's basement.

Which brings us to the basement, which was a holding cell for people during its mob days, as well as a place where cult rituals were apparently performed.

While sitting in the old holding cell, we put a flashlight on to see if any spirits would use it to communicate with us through it. Almost immediately... the flashlight turned off.

And things got pretty freaky:

Shane thought the flashlight was merely a coincidence due to the manufacturing, which can sometimes turn on and off at random due to the heating and cooling reflector inside.

However, the flashlight can also turn on at the slightest touch... perhaps the touch of a spirit?

The true "hub" of the paranormal activity is the well in the basement where Pearl's head was discarded and satanic rituals were apparently performed. In the well people have reported hearing screams, growls, and even being physically assaulted. While we didn't see anything in the basement, there was definitely a feeling of unease while inside.

Bobby Mackey's undoubtedly has a scary history... but is it haunted? That, for now, will remain unsolved.