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This Is (Kind Of) What It's Like To Be A Producer At BuzzFeed Motion Pictures

Go behind the scenes at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures for the very first time to see how a viral video is made. Or, at least the way Eugene makes one...

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Get a rare look behind the scenes at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures as we go Behind Eugene.

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You might not realize this, but a BuzzFeed producer does everything from top to bottom on a shoot.

In fact, we have our own interns do a lot of the heavy lifting, as we don't have crews.

For his next big project, Wedding Dresses Around The World, Eugene got together with two new interns who were totally afraid...

Caroline, his production intern, who is super duper nervous about everything, and Jazzmyne, a style intern who has never been on a film set before. Uh oh.

Watch how the final video turned out and see if all of Eugene's hard work paid off!

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To learn more about the gorgeous gowns featured in the video, check out the entire post on Wedding Dresses Across Asia.

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