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We Worked Out For 90 Days Straight And This Is What Happened

Four normal people worked out for 90 straight days with P90X. Did it work?

P90X is an insane workout regimen where you exercise 30 minutes a day, every day for 90 days. Easy, right? We decided to try it out ourselves, and we got some interesting results.

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*This is not a paid advertisement for P90X.

Before getting started, we measured our weight, muscle mass, BMI, and percentage of body fat.


Weight: 148.6 lbs

Muscle Mass: 27.1 lbs

BMI: 25.5

% Body Fat: 25.5


Weight: 161.8 lbs

Muscle Mass: 29.3 lbs

BMI: 27.8

% Body Fat: 32.9


Weight: 140.4 lbs

Muscle Mass: 34.4 lbs

BMI: 20.7

% Body Fat: 8.8


Weight: 150.3 lbs

Muscle Mass: 35.3 lbs

BMI: 22.2

% Body Fat: 11.6

From there, we were given a 90-day goal.

And yes, apparently Ryan didn't need to do anything.

As expected, day one was horrifically miserable. Our shins were dying, our arms were dead, and our core was on fire.

So sweaty. So sad.

With the first few weeks of death down, we were finally getting into the swing of things, and noticed our bodies changing.

But working out every day without a rest day was really frustrating.

Look at that improved form!

HALFWAY THERE! And we were finally feeling some major results. The hard part was over.


With less than two weeks left, things FINALLY felt a little easier.

The last week was a giant push to the finish line...

But we did it! It's OVER.

The final results were pretty surprising. Mallory lost a pound of body fat, and increased her muscle mass.

Mallory: Oh! I look different! Guys, I had so much back fat.

Daysha gained almost a pound of muscle and three pounds of body fat.

Daysha: I look a lot smaller than I did before. I don't know what to say, y'all, but at least I look better, so that's all that really matters to me at the end of the day.

Kenny gained two pounds of muscle and two pounds of fat.

Kenny: I mean I definitely look bigger pretty much everywhere. I think I look good!

Ryan lost 0.2 pounds of body fat and lost 0.5 pounds of muscle.

Ryan: It definitely looks like I gained muscle. There's definitely a considerable difference between the two. It looks like I gained definition in my back, and my arms, and the whole front. They say numbers don't lie, but today they fucking lied.

Ninety days well spent.