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These Guys Went Into The Deep Woods To Find Bigfoot

Is Bigfoot real?

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We investigate all realms of the supernatural on BuzzFeed Unsolved, so it's only natural that we would eventually hunt for the elusive Bigfoot – arguably the most notorious cryptozoological being of all time.

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To start their quest, Ryan and Shane got settled in at the infamous Bigfoot Motel in Willow Creek, CA, aka "The Bigfoot Capital of the World."

Shane was far from pleased with the lodging situation.

Ryan and Shane spent their first day exploring this unique Bigfoot town and discussing all the prior evidence. Their first stop was Early Bird, home of the enormous Bigfoot Burger.

Here Ryan (foolishly) promised to finish an entire burger himself, much to Shane's bewilderment.


Some believe Ryan never actually left that restaurant.

Now let's get into the legend of Bigfoot. Despite the common belief that Bigfoot only hides in specific woods, Bigfoot sightings have been reported in almost every US state.

This corroborates the theory that Bigfoot is not a singular creature, but a species.

Before we go any further, it's worth noting that most primatologists don't believe the existence of Bigfoot is likely.

One of the first reports was in 1958, when Gerald Crew discovered large footprints near his bulldozer in Bluff Creek, CA.

However, it was quickly debunked as the sons of a man named Ray L. Wallace came forward to allege that their father had forged the footprints.

Guess he's got some large feet.

Based on reports, we can estimate that Bigfoot is about 7'10" and weighs over 1000 pounds.

Another piece of evidence that supports the theory Bigfoot exists comes from unexplained animal samples. In 2006, there were at least 15 samples that Dr. Wolf H. Fahrenbach (a retired zoologist) collected but could not identify as any other animal.

To get a bit more information on the legend, Ryan and Shane visited the Bigfoot museum in Willow Creek.

Here, they met with Peggy Williams, who told the story of a boy who got lost in the woods. When the boy was found the next day, all he spoke of was "the big hairy man" that picked him up and put him on the road where he was later found.

And the most compelling piece of evidence? In 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin captured on film what many believe to be the most convincing piece of Bigfoot footage in existence.

This is the only Bigfoot footage that has not been fully debunked. It has been analyzed countless times by numerous experts. What do you think? Person in a monkey suit or the real deal?

After examining all the evidence, Ryan and Shane were ready to search for Bigfoot themselves in the very same forest Patterson and Gimlin caught it on film: the Six Rivers National Forest.

As a safety precaution, Ryan packed a reflective vest and a helmet for the journey since Bigfoot is said to smash the heads of its victims with rocks. Shane was unconvinced.

The two attempted to lure out Bigfoot with a little beer.

And explored scary caves.

This is why Ryan really needed a helmet, tbh.

They recklessly continued their hunt late into the night.

Shane (no, that's not Bigfoot) even performed a Bigfoot call to lure one out of the woods.

As the night went on, the two began to realize just how vulnerable they were in the woods.

But unfortunately (and also fortunately) there was no Bigfoot to be seen so the two left happy to be alive and with their heads fully intact.

  1. What do you think? Is Bigfoot real?

    What do you think? Is Bigfoot real?

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What do you think? Is Bigfoot real?
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