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    Zayn Malik Just Shared Another Track Off "Mind Of Mine" And We Are Not Worthy

    ♫ So say what you wanna say, what you wan-na.♫

    Remember that video of Zayn on a motorbike for The Fader? And remember how it featured a snippet of "BeFoUr"?

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    Yeah, well about that: Ya boi has released the song in full, just days before his debut album Mind of Mine is scheduled for release — and it's FI-YAH. 🔥🔥🔥

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    It will leave you "feeling 100% complete."

    And you'll lose your damn mind over "THAT FUCKING HIGH NOTE" at 2:17.


    That profile and GIF say it all, tbh.

    Same, Zayn. Same.

    OMG RIGHT???!!!

    This is *tears* accurate.


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