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    The ABCs Of The University Of New South Wales

    M is for Moodle Girl.

    A is for Anzac Parade

    The commuter life struggle is real when you deal with peak-hour traffic on the reg.

    B is for Basser Steps

    You laugh while heading to Boost or Subway so people don't know you're puffing. Otherwise, you're guilty of bussing up and down High St.

    C is for Coogee Beach

    Flickr: danox / Creative Commons

    The others may have a local shopping centre, but you're just bus stops away from getting that tan bod.

    D is for Do not stand on the toilet seat or bowl

    Y'all may have made it to uni, yet some of you need toilet 101. Plus, it comes with reasoning and the odd illustration.

    E is for the express bus line

    It is a commonly known fact you haven't experienced New South until you hop on an 891 during peak hour – bird droppings optional.

    F is for Foundation Day

    Facebook: UNSWScience

    It is D’day to celebrate New South’s birthday and pull off epic pranks.

    G is for General Education

    If there's one thing we all look for in a Gen Ed, it must be a WAM booster.

    H is for High Street

    You’ve got Guzman y Gomez and IGA at one end, and you’ve got the line for the 891 to Central at the other.

    I is for Ibises

    Flickr: aeredes / Creative Commons

    You try to save your lunch from these bastards if you’re on Library Lawn or at Mathews Food Court.

    J is for the Jacaranda Tree

    Facebook: unsw

    Sorry, not sorry, USYD.

    K is for Kingsford Macca's

    It's the place to be – whether you find campus food to be expensive AF, or whether you’re done getting turnt at a Roundy party.

    L is for Love Letters

    Facebook: permalink.php

    You're guilty of scrolling down the Facey page, hoping to see your name mentioned by bae.

    M is for Moodle Girl

    Twitter: @UNSWTELTNotices

    We don't know if she was an actual student or a stock photo model, but what we do know is that a part of your soul died when her presence was no more.

    N is for Natalie Tran

    Community Channel / / Via

    Chances are you can't attend a lecture without your lecturers mentioning the UNSW alumni and YouTube star.

    O is for Oktoberfest

    Facebook: UNSWOktoberfest

    Come back. (Please.)

    P is for Parking

    Searching for an available parking spot near campus is difficult AF.

    Q is for Quadrangle

    Flickr: sidneiensis / Creative Commons

    Speaking of difficult, finding your tute room in the Quadrangle (and the Old Main Building) is up there, too.

    R is for Roundhouse

    Flickr: hitpopvicto / Creative Commons

    What can I say, there ain't no party like a Roundhouse party.

    S is for Sunset Pics

    You can avoid the Socialist Alternative, but you can't avoid them sunsets.

    T is for Tunnel

    There is a secret tunnel running through campus, and while one posted “it starts up near Scientia lawn”, its exact location remains disclosed.

    U is for UNSW vs. USYD

    Facebook: unsw

    Admit it: You low-key live for the rivalry.

    V is for Village Green

    When it’s not used for social sports, it’s either flooded from the #SydneyStorm or it’s the students’ bone zone after a Roundy party.

    W is for the White House wedges

    Let me guess, you’re already frothing over these bad boys and their sweet chili and sour cream dips.

    X is for X-rated PDAs

    Facebook: UnswRants

    Seeing ‘em at Library Lawn, Level 9 of Main Library, and even Village Green makes you want to vom immediately.

    Y is for Yellow Shirts

    Flickr: sustainunsw / Creative Commons

    Let me leave this UNSW Rants post here: “Don’t be persuaded otherwise, there’s nothing more embarrassing than being a Yellow Shirt during O-Week."

    Z is for Zero


    The amount of motivation you have to catch a bus to uni and hike up and down Basser Steps.

    New South represent, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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