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The One Thing You Probably Didn't Notice In Beyoncé's "Lemonade"

Stop: Bey-nalysis time!

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Get your magnifying glasses out, people. It’s Bey-nalysis time!


So, ICYMI, Beyoncé’s visual masterpiece Lemonade premiered Saturday night on HBO.

That same night, her sixth album, titled Lemonade, dropped on Tidal.

Now, remember when she uttered this iconic lyric in “Formation”?


Well, if you thought she *actually* carried a bottle of hot sauce in her bag, you thought wrong.


In “Hold Up,” Bey sashays through the streets, singing about her lover cheating on her.

Parkwood / Tidal

With her baseball bat in hand, she smashes store windows, car windows...

...and cameras, too.

No bitch is safe, especially "Becky with the good hair."

Parkwood / Tidal

It’s not until *this* shot, though, that we realize the hot sauce in her bag is, yes, her baseball bat.

Parkwood / Tidal


Parkwood / Tidal

What can we say? She came to slay, bitch.

Parkwood / Tidal

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