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    There's A Mural Of Kanye Kissing Kanye And It's What Dreams Are Made Of

    Because no one loves Kanye more than himself.

    Artist Scott Marsh has created a massive mural featuring The Greatest Couple of All Time: Kanye and Kanye.

    This masterpiece, located in Sydney, is inspired by a genius photoshopped image created by BuzzFeed artist Jen Lewis.

    This is the original photo:

    The original artist is... in shock. But, girl, you're a hero.

    Someone painted a 20 ft mural of my "Kanye kissing Kanye" photoshop. And with that, my friends, I quit the internet.

    If you recall, Kanye originally wasn't too happy about the photo being on the internet. But it's scarily accurate and honestly, flawless.

    The Kanye mural appeared only a few days after social media activist Lush Sux painted two instantly iconic Kim K murals, inspired by her nude selfie on Instagram.

    Anyway, if you love Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye, you can catch a glimpse of the 'Ye mural at Teggs Lane, Chippendale.

    So, gather your faves, witness this masterpiece in all its glory, and get a pic for the 'gram.