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Do You Remember The Lyrics To "Untouched" By The Veronicas?

You can take take take all the time time you need to finish this quiz.

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  1. I go ______, you go ______ / La la la la la la la la

    ‘yes, yes’; ‘no, no’
    ‘la, la’; ‘na, na’
    ‘ooh, ooh’; ‘ah, ah’
  2. I can la la la la la la / I ______ what I want, don’t stop

    wanna get
    wanna wanna get get
    wanna wanna wanna get get get
  3. ______ whatcha ______ / 'Cause I can’t ______ any m-m-more more

    Gimme gimme; got got; wait wait
    Gimme gimme gimme; got got; wait wait wait
    Gimme gimme gimme; got got got; wait wait wait
  4. Don’t even talk about the ______ / 'Cause right now you’re the only thing that’s making any sense to me

  5. And I don’t give a damn ______ they ______, ______ they ______ / Think cause you’re the only one ______ on my mind

    what; say; what; think; who’s
    what; do; what; see; who’s
    how; do; how; see; that’s
  6. ______ let you leave me / I'll try to stop time forever / Never wanna hear you say goodbye

    I will never
    I’ll never ever
    I’ll never never
  7. I feel so untouched / And I want you ______

    a lot
    so much
  8. That I just can’t ______ you / It's not enough to say that I ______ you

    resist; miss
    erase; need
    stop; want
  9. I feel so untouched ______ / Need you so much ______

    tonight; alright
    today; so stay
    right now; somehow
  10. I can’t ______ you / Been ______ from the moment I ______ you

    forget; insane; met
    erase; going mental; faced
    forget; going crazy; met
  11. Untouched (un) and I need you ______

    this much
    so bad
    so much
  12. ______ you, ______ you, I want to ______ you / Ah la la la, ah la la la

    Hear; smell; have
    See; breathe; be
    Please; thank; be
  13. You can take take t-t-take take ______ / To ______ the way you ______ live your life

    your time; live live; have to have to
    time time; live live; gotta gotta
    lots of time; carve out; gotta
  14. ______ all of ______ / Don’t be scared of seeing through the loneliness of wanting ______

    Gimme gimme gimme; you you; more more more
    Gimme gimme gimme; you; more more
    Gimme; you you; more
  15. Don’t even think about what’s ______ or ______ / 'Cause in the end it’s only ______

    good or bad; bad or good; me and you
    right or wrong; wrong or right; you and me
    right or wrong; wrong or right; me and you
  16. And no one else is gonna be around to ______ all the ______ left behind

    explain; questions
    answer; questions
    erase; moments
  17. And ______ are meant to be / So even if the ______ falls down ______

    me and you; world; tonight
    you and I; world; today
    he and she; house; today
  18. You still got me to hold you ______ / And I will never let you ______

    up; down down down
    up up; down down
    down down; up up

Do You Remember The Lyrics To "Untouched" By The Veronicas?

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