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    "Celebrities In Ramen" Is The Instagram You Never Knew You Needed

    Celebs swimming through oodles of noodles? YES PLEASE!

    Allow me to introduce you to "Celebrities in Ramen."

    The ‘gram features photoshopped celebs in noodle soup, supported with A+ captions.

    Josh Josh Jones — the creative genius behind “CIR” — says he “got pretty drunk and came up with the idea two weeks ago, and then with the ensuing hangover, I decided to actually do it (this is why I have so many projects all the time)”.

    Here's Leo in an egg.

    Here's Queen Bey strutting her fine stuff down the ramen runway.


    *Wonders whether or not Oprah will do a ramen giveaway*

    BRB, hanging this at the MoMA.

    Can I get a ra-men? RA-MEN!

    Follow "Celebrities in Ramen" here.

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