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    27 Things Only Guys With Mostly Girl BFFs Will Understand

    Every teacher on duty: "Girls – and boy!"

    1. You’ve heard the “All men are arseholes – well, except you” line over 1,000 times.

    2. And you’ve heard the “You’re lucky you’re not a girl” line, too.

    3. You don’t squirm whenever your friends discuss their periods — you're used to it at this point.

    4. You’re their go-to person for when they dish out their B•O•Y P•R•O•B•L•E•M•S.

    5. And when they need a guy’s perspective on a potential mate they’re lurking online.

    6. Not only that, they also ask what’s the haps with *your* love life.

    7. When it comes to conversations overall, you and your BFFs have no boundaries.

    8. And they’ll record visual proof of you popping, locking, jamming, and breaking on the dance floor on their Snapchat story.

    9. Even if it means receiving "I'm judging you" looks from the public.

    10. If one of your BFFs has a partner, their S.O. will most likely utter “Who’s this guy?” while scrolling through your group pics.

    11. You hate it when teachers refer to your entire group as “girls” and casually adds “and boy” a moment later.

    12. What’s worse is when teachers fail to recognize you in the group at all.

    13. Any sight of your fave ladies hanging with another guy friend, or any mention of him, and you immediately get jealous.

    14. What’s even horrible is when they spend MORE time with said guy friend.

    15. And let’s get this out of the way: You hate it when people automatically question your sexuality.

    16. Heck, your parents get sick of hearing – or even answering –why your friends are mostly girls.

    17. It is a universally agreed fact you would not survive at an all boys’ school AT ALL.

    18. If you do make casual talk with a guy friend, you know it’s not on the same level as your BFFs.

    19. Your outfit game has immensely improved thanks to their fashion guidance.

    20. But if you’re naturally stylish, then it’s a win-win because shopping is not a dreaded activity for you and your group.

    21. You are always waiting for your friends to get ready when it comes to group outings.

    22. And you get awkward AF waiting outside while your faves use the bathroom.

    23. Your BFFs call you “babe”; your guy friends, on the other hand, label you a ladies’ man.

    24. You get defensive when guys ask you to hook them up with your faves, because tbh, they’re not good enough for them.

    25. Sure, you may have developed a crush towards one of your BFFs, but nothing’s there except a super cool friendship.

    26. And what’s better than one sister who’s there for you no matter what? An army of sisters who are there for you no matter what.

    27. And they’ve got themselves a brother to lean on, too.

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