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21 "The Simple Life" Moments That'll Make You Say "Me As A College Student"

Loves it.

1. When you have an 8 a.m. class but you just want to be a burrito in bed for another hour.

2. When you realize living away from home is hard AF sometimes.

3. When you have five 2,500-word final papers due within a week of each other.

4. When one of said papers is due in a day and you've only perfected the intro.

5. When you have no time to proofread your work because you procrastinated too long.

6. When the professor's only five minutes into their lecture and you've already zoned the fuck out.

7. And when everyone is furiously typing notes while you, on the other hand, are busy scrolling through Facebook.

8. When you realize it’s the first day of the second semester and you’ve got an early morning start — AGAIN!

9. When you try to pay off your student loans after graduation.

10. When you apply for an internship but it says you need three to five years’ experience.

11. When your professor won't give you an extension.

12. When it's slim pickings on campus.

13. When you’re coasting through the part of the semester between mid-terms and finals.

14. When you graduate and realize there are very few jobs in your industry.

15. When your professor asks if you’ve done the three 40-page readings for that day's class.

16. When you try to run away from your responsibilities.

17. When that one person doesn’t contribute to the group project but you're graded collectively.

18. When your friends are busy day-drinking while you have a Friday afternoon class.

19. When your friends are done with the semester but you’ve got an exam scheduled during exam period.

20. When you're ready to call it quits.

21. And finally, when you submit that last assignment of the semester.

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