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    23 Things That Happen When You Listen To "Untouched" By The Veronicas

    Friendly reminder that this banger and a half turns 10 this year.

    1. The violins start playing, and you immediately know shit's about to get real.

    2. Once the guitars and drums kick in, you prepare yourself for a dramatic rush of emotions.

    3. One lyric in, and it's yet to sink in that you're listening to a timeless classic. Shakespeare WISHES.

    4. You know the first verse by heart because you spent hours getting the number of repetitions just right.

    5. Naturally, your volume skyrockets when you reach the chorus.

    6. And you immediately feel God when Jess belts out this lyric.

    7. You attempt to get through the second verse without running out of breath.

    8. Speaking of which — Interviewer: "What are your talents?" You: "I can sing all the verses to 'Untouched' in one breath."

    9. You ask yourself pressing questions like, Where was your invite to the party?

    10. And who is this guy and where can you find him?

    11. But also, how could you NOT tell the difference between Lisa and Jess?

    12. And why wasn't "Untouched" nominated for a Grammy?

    13. Hell, why isn't it Australia's national anthem?

    14. When you rediscover the jam that fueled your emo phase, you surprise yourself by still knowing EVERY. SINGLE. WORD.

    15. At the same time, you're also reminded of their '09 FIFA soundtrack and their 90210 cameo. And who could forget Demi and Selena jamming to the song? THE MEMORIES!!!

    16. No matter how many times you tell yourself to go to bed, you're still up at 3 a.m. blasting this tune.

    17. Either you have it on repeat, you go through their entire catalog, or you hunt down every '00s throwback you can think of.

    18. It's common knowledge that if your faves are unfamiliar with this belter, then they're on your shit list.

    19. Plus, if you're not getting down to "Untouched" like Minnie Mouse, then who are you really?

    20. Then you realize their magnum opus turns 10 this year, and it is STILL 🔥🔥🔥.

    21. Eventually it just sinks in that "Untouched" is THAT song. Honestly, truly.

    22. Name a more iconic song that reaches the pinnacle of pop as far as "Untouched." I'll wait.

    23. In the end, you feel 100% complete after all that screaming, dancing, and crying.

    Let's all hop on the nostalgia train and check out their 2007 banger in all its glory.

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