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How To Go Viral On Snapchat

One expert shows how to create explosive content on the video platform.

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If you want to be relevant in any industry in 2018, you need to market on social media.

If you want to be relevant in any industry in 2018, you need to market on social media.

Over the last decade, society has seen an influx of social media platforms promising—and delivering—Internet fame through likes, follows, and views. What started as a way to connect people further exploded into a billion dollar business. With business sales skyrocketing from leveraging the digital platforms, it is apparent social media is here to stay.

As the world gets older, so does market audiences. Potential consumers for apps and software are shifting from the Millennials to a new target: Generation Z. Forbes calls this generation “digital natives”—the average Gen Z consumer spends about 10 hours online every day. What does this mean for social media consumption? Mobile Marketer reports Snapchat as being the most active platform for digital natives at 78% daily activity, compared to 71% for Instagram and 66% for Facebook. It’s obvious: Video is king.

It is clear visual stimulation is not just a necessity for this generation, but a way of life. Snapchat is not merely a fun way to share video content—some young entrepreneurs are making a living from the platform, like Zack. Zack is a social media marketing expert specializing in producing viral content for his clients. He first got his start in social media at 13, when he started building Twitter accounts for fun. His talent for social media marketing led him to found his company, ViralBurst. Zack, quickly realizing the potential of Snapchat, started creating accounts on the platform right away. Today, ViralBurst generates 15 million views total, making Zack one of the leading Snapchat experts in the digital marketing industry.

When asked how to make content “go viral” on social media, Zack keeps things pretty simple. For Snapchat, he outlines 3 easy tips to create explosive digital content:

1) Consistency

“Keeping at it is vital to growing a successful Snapchat account,” says Zack.

2) Quality

In terms of engaging with your audience, quality of your posts, and quality of your actual camera are important to becoming successful on Snapchat.

3) Sharable content

“The sharing with your friends feature on Snapchat is extremely powerful if your Snapchat page is on public,” shared Zack. “Getting a video shared throughout various accounts will lead to getting thousands to tens of thousands new adds.”

Consistency, quality, and creating shareable content. Seems pretty straightforward, right? As with all social media, the rules are often simple, but that doesn’t mean the game is always easy. When questioned on Snapchat’s terms and conditions in regard to influencers, Zack warns about the limitations. “I do wish they were better in terms of engaging with their high following influencers,” he explains, hinting at the potential power of influencers in promotion on social media. Companies and advertising agencies often turn to these charismatic personalities to market products and services. The result? Millions of potential leads and eventual conversions, which equals money. The social media factor is golden.

Want more Snapchat tips? You can connect with Zack here, here, and here.

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