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14 Stages Of Trying To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthier

Convincing your little one to eat a healthy snack is easy with RXBAR Kids! It's the kids snack you've been hoping for. No BS for you; no bad stuff for them.

1. You start by visualizing your kid eating something healthy and wholesome. Something not shaped like a dinosaur.

2. And, depending on how their last meal went, you might follow that up with a quick prayer to the snack-time gods.

3. You kick things off by deciding how you're going to trick your kid into putting something nutritious into their mouth.

4. Are you going to cut it into fun shapes?

5. Hide it in their favorite food?

6. Garnish it with sprinkles?

7. All of the above?!

8. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter what you decide: Your kids' tastes are a moving target.

9. And even if they like the food you're trying to feed them, there are always other factors...

10. heaven forbid two foods touch...

11. ...or you serve food on the wrong color plate.

12. In the end, you're always just putting food in front of them and hoping for the best.

13. And, every now and then, they surprise you.

14. But even when they live up to your worst nightmares, you keep fighting the good fight because you know that feeding your kid healthy food is worth it.

Put an end to snack-time fights with RXBAR Kids! Delicious, clean and convenient, it's the kids' snack you've been hoping for.