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    • robertfwhortonj

      I’ll tell you what’s embarrassing. Dan Oshinsky’s writing is embarrassing. Let’s just leave out the fact that the NFL has more than twice as many active players as the MLB, nearly three times as many players as the NHL, and nearly four times as many players as the NBA.. or the fact that Michael Sam is a situational player for a very specific type of defensive scheme who many believe lacks athleticism. This is a multi-billion dollar industry, not a popularity contest. If he could help a team win right now then he would be on that team. If the NFL has shown us anything it’s that they care about W’s and L’s, for better or worse. Additionally, he’s going to be added to the Dallas Cowboys practice squad pending a physical and considering they’re fielding one of the weakest defenses in all of the NFL it goes back to what I already said about whether or not he can actually help a team win. There’s a reason he went so late in the draft. Don’t comment on sports if you don’t know anything about sports.

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