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    • ruthalicea

      I agree these are some examples of white privilege, but have to push back on #1. White privilege means whites can worry less about being a victim of law enforcement, but never is too broad a statement. No people of any kind are safe from being a victim of law enforcement. From James Chasse in Portland to Doug Zerby in Long Beach shot while watering a neighbor’s lawn, white people are also murdered by the militarized and unaccountable thugs in blue.  However, I do think that the reason there is so much power given to police to terrorize, assault and murder citizens without accountability is rooted in racism. White society is comfortable with thugs in uniform because they assume their violence will be directed at blacks. That is why they have allowed and even applauded the militarization of the police, glorified and made heroes of the SWAT mentality. They see all of these tactics as social controls of people of color.  The problem is that when police violence has been sanctioned by the public, it does not limit itself to the “acceptable” target. Police have been shown again and again that they are allowed to murder people with impunity, so they will do so - and the victims will be black, brown and white.

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