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    The Top 5 Things That Happened This Week In Pop Culture

    The world of entertainment is wild and hard to keep up with. We put together 5 stories from last week that are worth knowing about. by Duhin Nanda, Freelance Storyteller for RU Student Life

    1. Justin Bieber Got Egged


    It's a teaser for Bieber's roast on Comedy Central to air March 30th. Ohhh this is going to be GOOD #Bieberroast

    But Justin is NOT ready for his roast

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    He can barely handle a man in underwear jumping out at him... You gotta toughen up for the roast Justin, it ain't gonna be easy!

    2. Thought Your Valentine's Sucked? Think Again.


    Three friends went to their high school Valentine's Day dance to celebrate being single, so they went shopping, got all dressed up and got there only to have one of them get denied entry for not having a partner since they wanted couples only...

    Check out the news story below


    3. There was a fight... at a Spongebob movie screening


    Who knew Spongebob drove kids so crazy? After employees At Cinemark, a local Michigan theater asked a bunch of noisy kids to leave the theater during the movie, they went wild and started a fight! 911 was called and 2 teenagers were arrested for disorderly conduct. Wow.

    4. Josh Hutcherson called, he wants to play you in a movie


    No not all of you! Only if you win Canon USAs Project Imagination contest, which is only open to US residents, so actually Josh will not play you in the movie. Sorry Canada! BUT this is a very cool contest and not like one you've heard of before. It consists of applicants creating their own trailers about their everyday experiences. Ron Howard is also involved, and together with Hutcherson, they will go through the trailers and choose one to be made into a short film, produced by and starring Hutcherson. SAWEET!

    5. In case you were wondering, 50 Shades of Grey WHIPPED the box office


    Get it? Whipped? ;) But seriously, as most people expected, the movie took the number 1 spot on the box office charts with a jaw dropping $81.7 MILLION.

    Wait but that means couples (and singles) spent Valentines weekend sitting quietly watching another couple be kinky on screen... Totally not judging.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Also, watch below a man get SUPER awkward after walking out of the movie alone and seeing a rolling camera. Keep your eye out for him in the background on the right. Poor guy, feeling the burden of societal expectations as a single older man on Valentine's Day. OWN IT DUDE!

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