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Summer At Ryerson In 15 Instagram Photos

'Twas a great four months of summer and we received a lot of great #RUDaysOfSummer submissions on Instagram. We decided to showcase 15 of our favourites. Written by Jessica Lam on behalf of RU Student Life.

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Goodbye summer, hello autumn! The time has come to let go of that carefree attitude and get into work/study/no-life (just kidding 'bout that last one) mode. All throughout this summer, you guys have been sending us your sick pics with the hashtag #RUdaysofsummer. Thanks for all the awesome pics, Ryerson! Let's dive in.

1. Skydiving

Skydiving is on every adventurer's bucket list. It would definitely be on mine... If I was an adventurer. @jxmicah shared a photo of this awesome experience with us!

2. Cottage Life

Nothing's more relaxing than spending time at the cottage. @nicolehaynes7 shared this stunning photo with us.

3. Travel

Toronto ain't so bad during the summer, but sometimes you just want to get a change of scenery. @katymcnabb shared with us the beauty of New Zealand.

4. Canada's Wonderland

What's summer in Toronto without a visit to Canada's Wonderland? If you're not a ride warrior, this may not apply to you... Photo by @jonathancasana.

5. World Pride 2014

This summer, Toronto had the honours of hosting World Pride 2014! We had our own 'lil celebrations here at Ryerson, as well as our own float at the Pride Parade (if ya caught us).

6. Our Very Own Campus

As nice as it is to travel and get out of the city, Toronto can be pretty darn beautiful. @mimiz254 captured this sweet photo of the sunrise above Kerr Hall.

7. Our Very Own Campus x2

The majority of us don't get to see Ryerson in all its beauty during the spring/summer, so here's a snap from @ryersonuar. From a skating rink, to a skate park, to a mini pond, Lake Devo goes through many transformations throughout the seasons. Purdy, wouldn't ya say?

8. FIFA World Cup 2014

If you were to describe the World Cup this year in one word, what would it be? We say... Insanity.

9. Ripley's Aquarium

How many of you caught Shark Week? Here's a sick photo of a scary lookin' shark at Ripley's Aquarium taken by @bangaysiiso.

10. Festivals

Festival season, you the you the best. Here's a snap at OVO Fest.

11. Food, Food, And More Food

Mmmmm seafood, the perfect summer food. Thanks @stefi_d1 for sharing this delicious lookin' photo with us!

12. Nature

Sometimes you just want to get out of the city and appreciate mother nature. @jedidiahgc shared this photo taken by @jonathancasana.

13. The Beach

Did you get your tan on this summer? @mimisiff snapped this gorgeous photo in the Bahamas.

14. BuskerFest

BuskerFest recently took over downtown Yonge to raise awareness and fundraise for Epilepsy Toronto!

15. The Ex

Ah, carnivals... Delicious food, fun rides, and difficult games that are practically impossible to win. Photo courtesy of @jste24.

Hope you all had an amazing summer, Ryerson! Thanks for sharing all your #RUDaysOfSummer photos with us. See you all this fall ;)

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