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    How You Actually Spent Your Reading Week

    Waitttt, Reading Week come back! I forgot to read... The emotions we experience during that one blessed week off, as explained in GIFs. By Duhin Nanda, Freelance Blogger for RU Student Life

    That feeling after your last class before Reading Week begins. You’re just so over it.


    That feeling when you get home.

    The moment you remember you have a couch you haven’t used in over a month.

    You must celebrate. TREAT YO SELF.

    And that’s okay because you get to sleep in… Is this reality?

    At first you’re confused.

    But then you get used to it. Oh sleep, how I missed you.

    You find yourself spending a lot of time with your bed.

    And Netflix (or cable if you’re fancy).

    That "This is how life was meant to be" feeling.

    You also get to eat real food again.

    When your parents ask if you have any school work.

    But then it hits you. It’s Thursday. WHERE DID THE TIME GO??

    You should really start getting some work done…

    Okay fine, maybe just figure out what exactly you have to do.

    Oh no...

    Maybe you take a break to relax your brain.

    And now it's Saturday.

    So you get started. There’s still hope!

    Hours later

    Just accept it.

    It’s now your last day. A whole week is NOT supposed to go by that fast.

    Hours later...

    Congrats you got that essay done by around sunrise

    Now it’s time for that midterm.

    And then there are those students who somehow managed to spend the week on a beach somewhere, like do we even go to the same school?

    Whatever. Bye Reading Week.

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