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    9 Reasons Why The RSLC Is The Best Thing That's Happened

    ...Since our namesake gave us "Eggy" as a mascot. By your RU Student Life blogger and RSLC lover Zahra Khozema

    1. You can sit on people

    Via Thanks to Mohit Rai for the picture!

    ..."people" chairs, that is. Suggestion: Changing all the lecture room chairs to this.

    2. It's an amazing place to take pictures of the 6ix

    Instagram worthy, all day long.

    3. You can say you're at the beach in -22C and use all the beach emojis

    4. Mobile whiteboards and whiteboard walls

    You can use them for group work or just some fun drawings of your friends! Just make sure you don't draw on a non-whiteboard wall...

    5. You can walk from Yonge to Church WITHOUT GOING OUTSIDE

    Yes, that's the RSLC, POD, LIB, JOR, all of KERR HALL, and the RCC, with probably three or four Tim's among them.

    6. It's a new spot for some eye candy ;)

    And since it's not all quiet space like in the library, you can pull up a beanbag chair and say hey.

    7. Taking the stairs is actually fun

    The elevators aren't fully operational at the moment but that means you get some exercise before you sit your tush in the beanbags for 3+ hours... Also, the views are pretty cool, and the stairwells are colourful just like each floor.

    8. The triangle beanbags

    Why so comfortable??? I've missed 3 classes this week alone because I just didn't want to give up the chair.

    9. It makes all other universities jealous

    It's the "library of the 21st century" and obviously our redemption after being made fun of for the painting of the road last year.

    Share your photos of the #RSLC with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat (@rustudentlife)!

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