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    9 Of The Worst. Dates. Ever.

    In honour of Valentine's Day, please, learn from others' mistakes. True stories of worst dates, ever. by Scott Walsh, Storyteller with RU Student Life.

    1. Winter Biking?

    "He asked if I wanted to go biking, and I assumed he was joking because it was -25 degrees out. He wasn't"

    2. Credits still rolling

    "I once took a girl to the movies. The movie ran late and I got out of the theatre to find 6 missed calls from my dad and about 30 angry text messages telling me he was waiting outside the theatre for half an hour. I ran out of the theatre in horror without saying by to the girl or giving her a ride home. I never heard from her ever again."

    3. Objects In Mirror Are Older Than They Appear

    "When I was 19, I went on a date with a 24 year old. It turns out he was in his 30s and lying to date co-workers."

    4. At First Sight

    "A girl came up to me and asked if I believed in love at first sight. I said 'What the f*@%?'"

    5. That's not cool.

    "The first date, he told me he didn't particularly like brown people..."

    6. Think About It

    "He told me he thought women getting degrees was pointless. ... We met in school."

    7. Amway or the Highway

    "I thought it was a first date, she thought I was going to join Amway."

    8. Message Received

    "She literally sat on her phone for an hour. After it was over, she asked when we were gonna see each other again."

    9. Change of Plans

    "We ran into a friend of mine at the bar, and my date started trying to hit on him instead!"

    What are your worst date stories? Tell us @RUStudentLife. Happy Valentine's Day!

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