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    5 Bands At Ryerson You NEED To Know

    Yes, we all take pride in how artsy and hip and awesomely talented us Ryerson folks are known to be. So it's about time we start featuring the cool kids whose talents and stories deserve to be shared. Get ready for our weekly features of students who you NEED to know! by Duhin Nanda, freelance blogger for RU Student Life

    This week we take a look at 5 awesome bands comprising of Ryerson students. In no specific order we have:

    1. The Turks

    Let me start by pointing out that they had a bra thrown at them during one of their performances at the MOD Club during Frosh 2013. Do I need to say more? I guess that would be the professional thing to do:

    After finishing in the finals of Indie Week Canada for the second year in a row, playing Jazzfest AND making it into the finals of Hard Rock Rising, it's safe to say that 2014 was a great year for The Turks.

    The Alternative Pop/Rock band was formed in 2008 when 13 year old singer-songwriter, guitarist Julian Muia (who is in his 3rd year in the RTA School of Media) formed a band with musical partner song-writer, lead guitarist Daniel Konikoff. As if their talent wasn't enough, they also happen to be very good looking dudes. DOUBLE WHAMMY.

    Check out The Turks' tunes here

    WARNING: May cause unstoppable foot tapping.

    2. Little Boxer

    This is indie with a VERY refreshing twist.

    Formed in April of 2014, Little Boxer started as a folk/rock duo consisting of Dave Silani on drums, lead vocalist Zachary Henderson (3rd year of Politics and Governance) and bassist Juan Udarbe (3rd year Industrial Engineering).

    Little Boxer combines elements of rock, indie, and various other musical genres with thoughtful song writing. Despite forming less than a year ago, Little Boxer has certainly made a name for themselves in the Toronto music scene. Their onstage energy is infectious and their sound is unique and uplifting. This is one band you NEED to see live.

    They were recently added to the first round of showcasing acts at the Canadian Music Week, but if you don't want to wait until May, you can catch them performing at Gladstone Hotel this Thursday February 5th at 9PM. "Come get funky with us" - Little Boxer.

    Check out their tunes and get to know them more, here.

    3. The Lifers

    Bandmates, best friends, roommates, mothers, daughters, therapists, and much more - this is how the folk singer/songwriter duo Liv and Anita Cazzola describe their relationship. The two sisters formed The Lifers with the goal to create beautifully articulated, honest and compelling lyrics that are sung and nested in acoustic guitar, ukulele, accordion, glockenspiel and other similar instruments.

    Their voices perfectly compliment each other and their chemistry instantly captivates fans. If this is what you get when two sisters make music, I urge sisters everywhere to do the world a favour and start creating music groups.

    Anita also happens to be the Vice President of Ryerson's student group Musicians @ Ryerson, a group that held its annual Battle of the Bands competition last year where The Lifers won! Good job girls. Throughout last year they performed at a myriad of festivals, venues, and parks in Southern Ontario, with plans for many, many more.

    They also have very cool website you NEED to check out for their music, show dates, bio and contact info.

    4. Mayraki

    First, if you're wondering what Mayraki means (originally spelt Meraki), it is a Greek word defined as "the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work." Now THAT is an awesome band name!

    This band originally came together under the name "The Beaudifulhors." But with a sound that continues to morph and change, and the soul, creativity and love used to create the music being the most consistent element of this band, this name change only made them stronger.

    Managed by Mohammed Yassin, a Sociology student at Ryerson, this band is becoming increasingly popular in Toronto with a bunch of show dates all through March. They are also VERY pumped about their upcoming EP named "Hors D'oeuvres" releasing in the near future. Check out their music and a list of their upcoming show dates, here.

    5. What Fools

    Before they were even of legal drinking age, this band was honing their sound at prominent Toronto venues like the Mod Club and the El Mocambo, putting on a rambunctious live show while demonstrating a musical sophistication that was well beyond their years.

    Having personally seen them perform multiple times, it's always been a fun experience not only because they have a great sound and amazing stage presence, but also because they make the ladies in the audience swoon (even a few guys).

    The band comprises of Jack Rubin, whose unique and infectious voice makes heads turn instantly, Jack Rochon who KILLS it on lead guitar, Jordan Ward who effortlessly showcases his suave persona while on bass, and Ryerson's very own Mitchell Stuart, who plays the drums with the most intense energy I only wish I possessed.

    Check out some of their sweet tunes here.

    We know there is a LOT more musical talent here at Ryerson, so if you know of a band (or are in one) and think it should be featured, let us know and we can do a band feature part 2!

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