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    27 Things To Do In Toronto This Fall

    From seasonal drinks to festive events, the Fall season comes with lots of fun things to do around and just outside the city. Take full advantage of this most glorious of seasons! Written by Janine Maral Tascioglu, blogger at RU Student Life

    1. Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte


    Decide for yourself whether the PSL is heaven on earth or why you're thankful it's only a seasonal nuissance!

    2. Eat/drink/devour all the pumpkin flavoured goodies

    Did you know there are pumpkin spiced flavoured Hummus, Skittles and even pumpkin spice Oreos? Check out more here!

    3. Go pumpkin picking!

    Here's a list of a bunch of pumpkin patches around the GTA

    4. Carve pumpkins

    Need some inspiration before you start carving? Use Pinterest! And don't miss the Sorauren Park Pumpkin Parade!

    5. Use the seeds from the pumpkins and toast them!

    Here's an awesome roasted pumpkin seed recipe.

    6. Go apple picking!

    Explore some orchards in and around the GTA!

    7. Fill a tub of water, place the apples in it and bob for them! Easier said than done

    8. Sip on some apple cider

    Make things interesting and fun by making your own home-made apple cider!

    9. Stay up all night with the city at Nuit Blanche

    For more info on the event, see here!

    10. Get lost in a maze!


    You'll need to travel a little outside the city but the chance to reenact Harry's time in the Triwizard Tournament is more than definitely worth it.

    11. Do the typical "leaf" thing: Rake them, pile them up, lay in it!

    12. Go hiking. Enjoy the beautiful season

    Get your hiking boots out and explore these trails.

    13. Build a scarecrow

    Again, use Pinterest for some inspiration, and maybe a giggle.

    14. Plan a Halloween party

    For endless ideas, tips and tricks on how to plan a successful halloween party, Google searching will be your best friend.

    15. If you don't plan one, go to one!

    16. Rather spend time with ghosts and ghouls in a theme park? Head over to Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt

    Click here for more info on the event!

    17. Or join Toronto's zombie walk on October 25th

    Just sign up here!

    18. While you're at it, get festive and decorate for the holiday as well

    19. Don't forget to dress up for Halloween too!

    Find some awesome Halloween costume ideas here!

    20. Eat lots of candy corn

    21. Make a bonfire and toast some marshmallows

    22. Grow a Movember mustache... girls, you join too!

    23. Start a new Fall TV series

    Who's been watching Gotham!??

    24. Go to a petting zoo

    Not just for kids!

    25. Have a picnic

    Stay outside as long as possible before the weather turns cooooold!

    26. Learn how to cook a Thanksgiving meal

    Find some awesome, and easy, Thanksgiving meal recipes here.

    27. Finally, get crafty and make origami leaves

    Pinterest Fail or Pinterest Success? There's no shame in trying, right?

    You're bound to never get bored this new season. There is so much to do so get out there and explore it all!

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