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    21 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

    Ahh! Halloween is so soon and you don’t have a halloween costume yet! Well, have no fear, RU Student Life’s Buzzfeed post is here! These are 21 last minute Halloween costumes.

    1. Ceiling Fan

    Not a fan of sports? Just be a ceiling fan instead!

    2. A Ghost

    It really couldn't get easier than putting a white sheet over your head.

    3. Cereal Killer

    Punny and creative. #Winning

    4. Ellen DeGeneres

    Grab your favourite collared shirt and your funniest jokes and you are now the queen, Ellen DeGeneres.

    5. #Hashtag

    Crafty social media lovers will enjoy this one.

    6. Social Media Icons

    For the social media lovers that are not so crafty.

    7. A Pop Art Character

    Got a steady hand and some crafty skills? Be a pop art character!

    8. Black Mail

    Quite possibly punnier than number 3.

    9. Grumpy Cat

    Throwing it back to the cat of 2013, Grumpy Cat!

    10. 50 Shades of Grey

    50 Shades of Grey, literally.

    11. A Bag of Jelly Beans

    Because jelly beans are amazing, so why not just be one?

    12. Dust Bunny

    Add a fun twist to a simple costume with cob webs and your best impression of a bunny.

    13. Nickel Back

    Don't think this really needs a description. It's simple, easy and hilarious. Just make sure no one steals your nickels off your back!

    14. Anna Winter

    For the fashion and winter lovers this halloween. Don't forget to keep a serious face. No smiling!

    15. Arthur

    Throwing it back to childhood days.

    16. Olaf from Frozen

    Ryerson student LaurDIY made a DIY Youtube video on this costume. Check it out here!

    17. Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Rock, paper, scissors just came to reality.

    18. Miranda Sings

    Don't forget your best Miranda impression!

    19. DumbleDora the Explorer

    Do I really need to explain?

    20. Identity Theif

    This has got to be the punniest costume ever, am I right?

    21. Regina George

    Lastly, a classic for Mean Girls lovers.

    Don't forget to send us your hilarious, scariest, or most creative costume photos for our #RUScared2014 Halloween Costume Contest, PRIZES TO BE WON!!

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