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    14 Things You Might Not Know About The Ram And Oakham

    We've all had a good night at the Ram that resulted in a hungover brunch at Oakham. But, did you know... Written by Scott Walsh, storyteller with RU Student Life

    1. It's Haunted!

    Lights turn on in closed rooms, windows slide open after they've been shut. The staff calls the ghost "the sea captain" and have to yell at him to knock it off when it's 3 AM and they wanna go home. #2spooky4me

    2. You Don't Have To Be On Workstudy To Work There ...

    3. Or Even Attending Ryerson!

    Seriously, ask your server. There are students and grads from U of T, OCAD, National Theatre School, or no where! You don't have to be Ram to be in the Ramily.

    4. They Don't Charge More For Soy At Oakham ...

    Which makes you super-bitter whenever you have to go to Starbucks and pay the 60 cents ...

    5. Paying With OneCard? Get A Discount!

    Not on liquor, but if you're grabbing coffee or food from Oakham or the Ram, you don't get charged tax when you pay with your OneCard!

    6. Pub Nights Are Crazy

    Ram in the Rye / Via Facebook: RamInTheRye

    Plus, where else has a dance floor that you can bring your 18 year old friends?

    7. But They've Got More Chill Nights

    Like trivia? Come Monday nights! Wanna hear amazing covers of indie rock (and the occasional terrible one of "Wonderwall")? Check out Open Mics on Wednesday.

    8. They've Got The 2nd Biggest Patio On Church Street

    Table for 100, sir? Grab a seat outside.

    9. Meet Billy!

    (Not this one)

    10. It's 2/3 Canadian, 1/2 A Shot Of Rye, 1/2 A Shot Of Amaretto, Topped Off With Orange Juice!

    Mmmmmm ...

    11. The Billy is Less Than A Beer On King Street

    12. And It's Officially Called A Flaming Engineer

    13. They're Unionized!


    So they don't have to deal with dangerous chemicals, harrassment from staff and being fired for no reason. If that sounds unpleasant, don't work in a restaurant (see the 2005 Documentary "Waiting" starring Ryan Reynolds for more info!)

    14. They're Not Going Anywhere

    Seriously. Every other bar in the area comes and goes, but Oakham Cafe and the Ram will be here forever <3

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