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Toho's 5 Best Monster Movies (Without Godzilla)

Toho is best known for Godzilla, but here are five of Mark's favorite (non-Godzilla) monster movies by the studio.

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By Mark Pellegrini of Adventures in Poor Taste"Toho is perhaps best known for their Godzilla series. Beginning in 1954, there have been 29 films to date (30 if you count that one with Hank Azaria) and the King of the Monsters has undoubtedly become Toho’s mascot, if not the mascot of the giant rubber-suited monster movie subgenre entirely.But before Toho’s monster movie efforts completely deteriorated into nothing but Godzilla flick after Godzilla flick in the early 70s, the studio was all about churning out crazy, weird and awesome monster flicks starring new city-smashing behemoths, with nary the Big G in sight.Selected here, are five of my favorites."Click the link to continue:
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