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10 'Batman 3' Titles Better Than 'The Dark Knight Rises

This morning, Christopher Nolan announced the name of his next Batman film -- The Dark Knight Rises. Talk about BORING. Here's a list of 10 alternate title suggestions. Take note, nerds! From

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  • Gotham

    Simple, elegant, and to the point. Gotham was the rumored name among fanboys since the film's announcement, and still sticks out as the best of the bunch.

  • Batman: Redemption

    After the depressing conclusion of The Dark Knight, when Batman becomes the enemy of Gotham, Redemption offers him a chance to do just that -- and to be what Gotham needs: a hero.

  • Shadow of the Bat

    Out of all our suggestions, this one definitely feels the most "Nolan-esque." It gives a sense of mystery and curiosity -- something Nolan is a master of. Plus it was the title of a particularly gritty and psychologically exploratory series of Batman comics, which also matches the tone of Nolan's Gotham City.

  • The Caped Crusader

    A classic moniker that would bring the vigilante back to his roots. It's doesn't sound as cool as The Dark Knight, but then again, neither does The Dark Knight Rises.

  • The Batman

    Think about the progression: From Batman Begins to The Dark Knight and finally, The Batman. A short, yet poignant title that completes the growth of our favorite superhero from Gotham's savior to the feared murderer of it's "White Knight", and ending finally as it's legendary champion.

  • Batman: The Movie

    Wasn't used in Tim Burton's film series, so it's kosher. It's based on a comic book after all.

  • The Bat

    Short and sweet, right?

  • Batman: RIP Heath

    Err, too soon?

  • Batman: Inception

    This film would make so much money that even James Cameron would be jealous.

  • Batman: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire

    An instant Oscar winner.