11 Simple Recipes You Can Whip Up While Gathered Around A Campfire

    "Let's gather 'round the campfire and sing our campfire song!"

    1. Smoked salmon

    Sliced salmon on bread

    2. Grilled cheese sandwiches

    3. Baked beans

    An overhead shot of baked beans in a bowl

    4. Fried potatoes

    Fried potatoes on a plate

    5. Chicken wings

    Sesame covered fried chicken wings

    6. Bacon wrapped dates

    Bacon wrapped dates on a plate

    7. Fire roasted potatoes

    8. Smoked salmon dip

    A bowl of smoked salmon dip

    9. BBQ pulled pork sandwiches

    10. Campfire stew

    A hand stirs a pot of veggie stew

    11. And finally, campfire brownies

    A brownie covered in nuts and chocolate pieces

    Do you have any recipes you like to cook over an open campfire? Let me know in the comments below!