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    Top 10 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes For 2019

    Wondering what to be for Halloween? I dug up some of the best pop culture related costumes of 2019. Maybe this will spark some creativity in you. Written by Madi Wong, Writer for RU Student Life

    An Avenger...Literally any one of them


    I don't know about y'all but Marvel has been a part of my childhood and upbringing so you can imagine the kind of emotional rollercoaster I have been through this year with Endgame and everything in between.

    Here's the chance to dress up as one (or more) of these iconic characters. Have you guys seen that video of Brie Larson pushing a Jeep up a hill by herself? She is nothing less than powerful. Want to reinvent Iron Man or be the new Captain America? Pop off.

    And I OOP...

    Jasmine Masters

    Y'all already know what it is. Pull up.

    Robin from Stranger Things

    Stranger Things

    If you watch Stranger Things, you'll remember this friendly face. Steve and Robin worked the counter of Scoops Ahoy and were a highlight for many this season.

    Go as Robin, or for a couple idea, go as both Steve and Robin.

    Rue from Euphoria


    Unfortunately, I'm behind on watching Euphoria since I couldn't find a way to get HBO—but for all of you that are better than me and have already zipped through the show already, why not embrace Zendaya's awesome character?

    Spongebob travelling the world in drag


    Grab your polka dot dress or shirt, a red beret, baguette and you're set for the night. Au revoir!

    Ashley O from Black Mirror

    Black Mirror

    I was as shocked as you were to see Miley Cyrus in a wig that was not Hannah Montana.

    Slap on a pink wig and all white outfit to channel in this character.

    Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X


    If none of you roll up dressed as these two icons, I'm going to be real disappointed.

    A VSCO girl

    Olivia Cara

    Grab your scrunchies, stainless steel straws and favourite two-pieced fit from Urban Outfitters sksksksk.

    Louise and Tina Belcher


    The literal greatest of all time. You know you want to do it.

    A Bachelor / Bachelorette contestant

    John Fleenor / Getty Images

    Grab your best suit or dress (or one that has been hiding in your closet since prom) and a rose. All you got to do is walk around like you own the Bachelor mansion and say things you don't mean like "I'm not like the others."

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