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    Tips To Help You Beat April Anxiety

    April is fast approaching and we all know what that means. Exam season. But don’t worry, you have time to get yourself organized and we’re here to help. Here are some tips to help you survive the next weeks of final assignments, essays, presentations and of course, exams.

    1. Start early!

    Like, today. That way, you can take it slow and do a little bit each day instead of cramming twelve weeks of material the night before your exam. You don't have to do a lot every day, just read five pages or something. Your future self will thank you.

    2. Go through your syllabi and write out your deadlines in order

    No one remembers all their due dates, it’s probably not even humanly possible, so just write them down.

    3. Prioritize and make a plan

    Personally, I can't jump between projects. I’d rather just focus entirely on one thing, finish that and move onto the next, so I usually work on my to-do list in order. For me, prioritizing and compartmentalizing simplifies everything. When I write down my due dates, I also look at my calendar and set aside certain days to tackle each assignment. Mapping out the next month can help to reduce April anxiety because you don’t have to worry about not having time to get everything done. If you follow the plan, you should have enough time.

    4. Do all your laundry and stock up on groceries at the beginning of the month

    Trust me, there's nothing worse than studying all day and then coming home to an empty fridge.

    5. Utilize resources at school

    Student Learning Support has so many resources to help get you through this month, including an assignment schedule generator, time management and basic essay writing online modules and other online resources here. You can also book an appointment with a study-skills expert or chat with a writing consultant at the SLC. The Long Night Against Procrastination is this week, too - March 22 from 12pm to 9pm on SLC 4th Floor with SLS!

    6. Don’t forget about self-care!

    Remember to do things for yourself, whether it's spending time with a friend or spending a Sunday in bed watching your favourite Netflix series. Small breaks to recharge will actually help you get your work done. Also - please, sleep.

    7. Plan something to look forward to after your exams

    I'll probably just grab a celebratory drink with my roommate, but I'm sure you guys are more creative than that.

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