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    Throwback Thursday: Tech Edition

    Before we had colourful Bluetooth speakers and the iPhone Xs, there were some 'high-tech' gadgets that we had back in the 90's and early 2000's. These allowed us to blast our favourite tunes on the go, entertain us and more. Looking back at it, they sure seem pretty old school, but they sure are fun to remember! By Madi Wong, Writer/Blogger for RU Student Life

    1. CD Walkman

    Sony / Via

    Try fitting one of these in the back of your pocket as you blast your favourite playlist on your way to class.

    CD Walkman's were popular in it's day but imagine having to plan which CD albums you want to listen to each time you go out and having to PACK them with you? Thank god for Apple Music and Spotify, am I right?

    2. Game Boy Colour

    Game Boy / Via

    Did you ever waste your day playing Pokémon on one of these bad boys?

    It was hard enough to choose which colour you wanted but buying games for these were also tough. They sure weren't like downloading games off the App Store on your phone.

    You had to get separate game cartridges for each game you wanted. Which inevitably amounted to you spending all of your birthday money.

    3. Tamagotchi

    Tamagotchi / Via

    For something that was the size of your palm and only had three buttons, Tamagotchi's were a real time consumer.

    Having a digitalized pet to virtually take care off was so intriguing to us for some reason, so intriguing that we bought more than one.

    Did you ever get excited each time your Tamagotchi grew? Me too.

    4. Portable DVD player

    Sony / Via

    Did your parents ever throw one of these in the backseat to keep you busy on long road trips? Or even short destination rides?

    Before they installed these in cars, these portable DVD players were lifesavers for one, bored children and two, annoyed parents.

    It was like having your own portable home theater anywhere you went. You could pack the DVDs of movies you wished to watch and you'd be all set!

    5. Hit Clips

    Hit Clips / Via

    Listening to the 30-second chorus of Britney's 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' was one of my most favourite pass times.

    Looking back at it, these things were truly pointless. You had to carry all these clips on a big keychain and each clip only played a small chunk of the song.

    However, we loved them anyways. Although, we love our modern day music streaming services even more.

    6. Walkie Talkies

    Amazon / Via

    I mean, these are still around but now with our smartphones, these gadgets might as well be extinct.

    Walkie Talkies were the best way to pretend to be a spy, try to be sneaky around your parents and just for generic amusement.

    7. Tooth Tunes

    Amazon / Via

    Did you ever take unreasonably long to get ready in the morning brushing your teeth with Tooth Tunes?

    These were probably one of the coolest and most popular things to ever come out.

    Dancing to your beloved Disney artists and bands really helped motivate us to try and prevent those cavities.

    8. Easy-Bake Oven

    Easy Bake Oven / Via

    Looking back at it, why did we have so much trust in eating a brownie that had only been baked for five minutes?

    Some of you may have baked with a real oven with family or had one of these as a kid. Sweets and desserts were always so exciting for us to get, especially if you weren't allowed to have it as often as you would have liked.

    9. Game Cube

    Nintendo / Via

    This was THE gaming console to have. From Super Smash Bros to Mario Kart, there were a variety of games you could hook up and play with family and friends.

    Game Cube has so many nostalgic associations with it, from the iconic start-up sound of the console to the variety of coloured controllers and more.

    Also, fun fact: did you know that you could play Game Cube games on the WII?

    10. Bop It

    Bop It / Via

    You can find more modernized versions of Bop It in stores but when they first came out, they sure were fun.

    In order to be the best at this, it was vital that you have the best reaction-time and attention span.

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