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    Things To Do This Reading Week

    What it BOO baybeeeee! After what seems like the longest couple of weeks of the fall semester, I bring you a list of things to do this reading week with anyone, anywhere. by Madi Wong, Writer/Blogger for RU Student Life

    Go for a hike


    You may have noticed that the trees are turning colours and the weather is getting slightly cooler. It's Fall and that means it is a great time to take a walk—whether it be a casual stroll at Queens Quay or a more challenging hike somewhere in the city.

    If you have access to a car over reading week, take tour adventure further by going on a waterfall hike near Toronto. Albion Falls in Hamilton is one of the most popular ones.

    Go to a game bar


    You may have been to The Rec Room but have you ever gone to a game bar?

    Power Up Game Bar is located right downtown at Front and Wellington Streets. You and your friends can roll up, choose whether you want to play WII or PS4 and choose from a variety of games to play. You get your own little booth, a solid choice of food and drinks to choose from and a very cool, neon lit atmosphere.

    Did I mention there's no cover charge to get it?

    Pumpkin farm strolls


    Having reading week fall on the same weekend as Thanksgiving means a prime opportunity to head up to a local pumpkin farm or farmer's market.

    Whether you want to go with your significant other, a group of your best friends or have some bonding time with your relatives, pumpkin farms have it all. Go apple picking, get lost in a corn maze and take pictures on top of the largest pumpkins in the field that you can find.

    Go to a concert


    Coming from a concert enthusiast like me, looking for upcoming shows is always exciting for me. Reading week has a number of concerts happening around the city that you can still grab tix to. Here are just a few:

    1. Charli XCX—Oct. 14

    2. Sabrina Claudio—Oct. 16

    3. Red Bull Music Festival—Oct. 17 to 21

    4. Tegan and Sara—Oct. 19

    Start or catch up on the latest in the cinematic universe


    Choosing to not binge watch a new Netflix series to do your readings can be a tough choice but is what a lot of us had to do to get through these first couple of weeks.

    Now that we're on reading week, we can actually dive into that one show we have had on our watch list for three months, or head to the movies and finally see Hustlers or the new Joker movie.

    Get your haunt on


    Remember when we all dropped money on Canada's Wonderland season passes back in middle school? Now, I can't remember the last time I went.

    Being that it's Halloween soon, and we all love spooky szn, why not pay homage and attend our favourite adventure park for Halloween Haunt?

    Try the new rides, go through some scary fun houses and pick yourself up a funnel cake this reading week.

    Try an escape room


    Escape rooms are a thrilling kind of hangout experience. One moment, you feel like a scholar after solving a clue, the next, you're yelling at your friend for asking for a hint.

    There are a TON around the city, including one close to campus—Roundabout. These rooms usually range from $20 to $30 for a one hour block of time. Though it may sound like a lot to drop for one hour of fun, you will definitely have some laughs and memories to look back on after completing (or nearly completing) one.

    Have a night in with friends


    After grinding through the first half of the semester, I won't blame you if all you want to do on reading week is stay home and chill.

    Nights indoors can be the best. Grab some snacks, wine, board games, your Nintendo Switch and have a very warm, very fun, night in with your friends.

    Or, if you're an extra step ahead of all of us, turn on Elf to ring in Christmas early.

    Try something out of your comfort zone

    Hustlers Movie

    A week of is a great excuse to try something that you have always wanted to do or have been thinking about doing but haven't found the time to. We all have some sort of bucket list but if you can't think of anything right now let me start off your thought process:

    You could check out a local comedy club in the city and see if you laugh as hard as you do in live performances as you do when you're sitting at home watching your favourite re-runs. The Second City is a great and lively atmosphere, the perfect place to check out if this is what interests you. Or find your local Yuk Yuk's.

    You could grab your best pair of heels and head to Brass Vixens to try an alternative way to get fit. The studio offers a number of classes including pole dancing and Lyra. The studio has a welcoming and vibrant environment that you will LOVE. Embrace your inner dancer—I know it's there.

    Test out a new recipe


    Whether you're low-key a secret chef, or you live off chicken nuggets and ramen—experimenting with recipes can always be a fun time.

    Grab your mom, group of friends, or test your luck on your own. If you don't already own a cookbook or two, there are a bunch of recipes online. Who knows, maybe after some practice you can start meal prepping and tweet your meal to Gordon Ramsey.

    If all fails, buy yourself a pack of those Pillsbury pumpkin sugar cookies we all love and call it a day.

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