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    These Are The 20 Best Movies About University

    There are plenty of memorable teen movies (think Mean Girls, Clueless, and The Breakfast Club). Lesser known are films that highlight life as a university student. Next movie night, heat up some popcorn and binge-watch these standout college and university-themed movies. By Jessica Huynh, Storyteller for RU Student Life

    20. 22 Jump Street

    This lighthearted and hilarious comedy follows two undercover cops as they disguise themselves as college students with a not-so simple mission ("infiltrate the dealer, find the supplier").

    19. Dear White People

    Dear White People is a tongue-in-cheek social satire following the lives of four black students at an Ivy League University. The film explores racism in a predominately white and prestigious institution. This film also inspired a Netflix series of the same title.

    18. Legally Blonde

    Elle Woods, after being dumped by her law-school-attending boyfriend for being "too blonde", decides to prove him wrong and enroll at Harvard Law. She's out to show people she has the beauty and brawn to graduate.

    17. The Great Debaters

    Based on a true story, a professor at Wiley College Texas forms the school's first debate team in 1935 and challenges the Harvard debate team in the national championship.

    16. Higher Learning

    In this multi-character story-line, the film follows the lives of different students as they encounter racial tension, sexual assault, and academic struggles.

    15. Pitch Perfect

    In this musical comedy, a freshman in university joins an all-girls singing group and battles their male rivals in a campus competition.

    14. Monsters University

    This prequel Pixar film follows the story of Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan when they first met in university. The movies explains how the dynamic duo became best friends.

    13. The Roommate

    In this drama-thriller, a fashion design freshman enters college befriending her roommate...only to realize her roommate isn't who she pretends to be.

    12. The Social Network

    This biographic drama is based on the story of Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg and his creation of Facebook, the largest social networking site on the web.

    11. Animal House

    Animal House is an 1978 American comedy that follows an anarchic fraternity as they challenge the school's Dean, who wants to remove their fraternity from existence.

    10. Mona Lisa Smile

    This feminist film stars Julia Roberts as an art professor at a conservative and prestigious college in the 1950s. She encourages her female students to reach their full potential by challenging traditional gender roles.

    9. A Beautiful Mind

    A brilliant mathematician at Princeton University accepts a top-secret government case only to grow increasingly paranoid. This is a triumphant story surrounding mental health.

    8. Stomp the Yard

    A troubled freshman, in the wake of his brother's death, enrolls in a historically black university. The lead character finds his place within an education system as he dances his way to success.

    7. Drumline

    In this dramatic comedy, a Harlem street drummer is recruited to play for a marching band at a Southern university.

    6. The House Bunny

    This outrageous chick-flick follows Shelley Darlingson, an ex-Playboy bunny, as she takes on the role of "house mother" for a college sorority house consisting of misfits. This lighthearted comedy is a tale about stepping outside your comfort zone and not compromising your individualism.

    5. Sydney White

    In this modern twist on Snow White, a college freshman challenges the school's social hierarchy with the help of seven dorks.

    4. With Honors

    Determined to graduate from Harvard University with honors, a desperate student finds himself at the mercy of a homeless man who has his one and only copy of his thesis paper. This hilarious comedy will tug at your heart strings and have you laughing from beginning to end.

    3. 21

    21 is based on a true story about six MIT students that formed a secret club where they took trips to Vegas to "count cards". Initially joining to pay off his university tuition, the lead character, Ben, finds himself too far into the game to quit...

    2. Accepted

    A high school slacker and his friends fool their parents by creating a fictitious university, only to realize that college rejects everywhere are interested in applying. This outrageous comedy explores what university would be like if you had the opportunity to create your own curriculum and rules.

    1. Post Grad

    We followed Alexis Bledel in the role of Rory in Gilmore Girls through high school and university. Now, in this romantic comedy, we follow the actress in Post Grad as Ryden Malby, a post-English graduate uncertain of her future. This post-university comedy is an interesting look at life after graduation (and how it doesn't always go the way you expect it).


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