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    The Ryerson Student Experience As Told By Mean Girls

    It’s Mean Girls Day - a movie that not only became a pop culture phenomenon, but that can also be used as a reflection of the Ryerson student experience. By Sunita Singh Hans, storyteller for RU Student Life

    If you haven’t checked your calendar today, you might want to. Why?

    When TIFF happens and everyone on campus becomes a potential celebrity.

    The dramatic change in weather that happens within a day.

    When it gets close to reading week and the assignments start piling up...

    So you don’t have the energy for nights out anymore.

    But then Halloween comes around and it’s time to PARTY.

    And then there are always the parties you didn’t get the invite to.

    The perfect explanation for when you’re drunk crying...

    But then you hit the dance floor and you feel like a star.

    When really you just look like this.

    When you try out a new healthy diet every semester but there’s always that one friend.

    Karaoke night at Ram has you thinking you're Beyoncé.

    Making friends with a first-year when you’re in fourth-year.

    Looking at your study notes from when you pulled an all nighter.

    Sometimes you’re so sleep deprived that you forget how to function.

    And then, of course, there's the release of exam schedules.

    But no matter how stressful the semester gets, we’re always there to pick each other up.

    What are your favourite Mean Girls moments? Let us know over on Twitter and in the comments below!