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    Monday Motivation Brought To You By Beyoncé

    It's that hectic time of the semester when the stress gets too real. Lucky for us, Beyoncé is always here to remind us how to slay. By Sunita Singh Hans, Storyteller for RU Student Life.

    Wake up and give yourself the pep talk you imagine Beyoncé gives to herself.

    Never be scared to show your passion. Imagine where we would be if Beyoncé never shared her talent with us.

    Take the opportunity to re-prioritize what you want out of the end of the semester, and do it for YOU.

    Take this day as an opportunity to do something good for others...

    And for yourself.

    Reach for the impossible and don't settle for anything less than amazing.

    And never be afraid to find courage, be brave, and to take a few chances.

    Just remind yourself how far you've come, and that it was you that got you here.

    No matter what setbacks may happen, never fail to get right back up again.

    It's never too late to take the negativity and turn it around.

    And never forget that confidence is key.

    Happy Monday! Here's to a fresh start and a new week. Make it count!