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    DIY Costume Ideas Just In Time For #RUScared

    The #RUScared costume contest is right around the corner! Still looking for that killer costume idea? We've got your back. By Maxine Kozak, Storyteller for RU Student Life.

    1. Honour the Arthur fist meme

    2. Transform yourself into a pop art character with makeup

    3. Make Pennywise proud as a creepy clown

    4. Celebrate girl power as Rosie the Riveter

    5. Get ready for some Risky Business

    6. Walk like the dead

    7. Become a tourist in your own city

    8. Grab a friend and recreate The Shining

    9. Celebrate the new season of Stranger Things as Eleven

    10. Get ready to dig as Stanley Yelnats

    11. Just another day in The Office as Dwight Shrute

    12. Can't forget Salt Bae

    13. Summon the force as Princess Leia

    14. Look back at your childhood as TJ Detwiler and Spinelli

    15. Walk down the yellow brick road as a scarecrow

    16. Rock n roll all night

    17. Channel your inner Shia Labeouf

    18. Get schwifty as Rick Sanchez