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DIY Costume Ideas Just In Time For #RUScared

The #RUScared costume contest is right around the corner! Still looking for that killer costume idea? We've got your back. By Maxine Kozak, Storyteller for RU Student Life.

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8. Grab a friend and recreate The Shining

You'll need: a blue dress, a belt (or a ribbon to tie around your dress as a belt), white knee-high socks, black ballerina flats, barrettes, and fake blood (optional but recommended)

14. Look back at your childhood as TJ Detwiler and Spinelli

You'll need: blue jeans, white t-shirt, green jacket, backwards red baseball cap for TJ and a red dress, black leather jacket, striped tights, black boots, pigtails and a yellow beanie for Spinelli

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