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    7 Social Life Hacks To Breeze Through University

    Get what you want, when you want it. By Jessica Huynh, RU Student Life Storyteller

    1. Be more approachable by paying attention to your body language, facial expression, and voice

    According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, 60-90% of communication is conveyed through non-verbal signals.

    Use this life hack to your advantage by displaying visual cues that signify power and confidence. For instance, stand tall, speak low and clear, position your feet towards those you want to give your attention to, and relax your body.

    2. Become more sincere by looking people in the eye

    According to PsychologyToday, "People who seek eye contact while speaking are regarded not only as exceptionally well-disposed by their targets, but also as more believable and earnest."

    Use this life hack to your advantage by giving your full attention to someone when they're talking, which means maintaining steady eye contact. Next time you meet someone new, see if you can lock eyes with them and give them a warm introduction.

    3. Create real connections by asking genuine personal questions

    What a great feeling it is when some takes genuine interest in getting to know you! Create real connections by getting others to talk about their favourite subject: themselves. Scientific American revealed that people enjoy talking about themselves because it feels so darn good.

    Use this life hack to your advantage by asking people you want to connect with personal questions. In return, they will view you as being more friendly as you find common interests and hobbies.

    4. Be likeable by asking favours from others

    The Ben Franklin Effect is a psychological phenomenon that proposes that we do favours for others and justify that our actions stem from a place of care. Thus, we are more likely to do someone a favour if we have already done them a favour in the past.

    Use this life hack to your advantage by asking for small favours, slowly working up towards larger favours over time. Don't forget to do the same hen someone asks you!

    5. Look like the bigger person by killing them with kindness

    Working with people isn’t always peaches and cream. Make it a point to be extra sweet to people who are being hostile with you. Not only does this irritate them, but it makes them hyperaware of their own behaviour.

    Use this life hack to your advantage by always painting yourself in a positive light. That way, if the situation goes up in flames, it's much easier to divert attention off you and onto the person who has smoke coming out their ears.

    6. Get people excited to see you by being excited when you see them

    Mirroring is a psychological reaction that communicates: I am like you. I understand you and I feel you. According to Psychologia, there is a subconscious part of the brain that processes non-verbal communications of others and causes you to mirror behaviour to "fit in."

    Use this life hack to your advantage by being that person in the room people want to naturally gravitate towards. Be genuinely happy and excited whenever you see someone you know. Consequently, they will mirror your body language and walk away with warm fuzzy feelings.

    7. Be memorable to others by focusing on how you make them feel

    Ever heard of the saying, “People will forget what you did or said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel”? This phrase is accurate because words and actions, unless grand and memorable, will slowly fade into obsolete. But emotions? Those stick with you forever.

    Use this social life hack to your advantage by making people feel good when you enter a room and after you leave. Don’t get too tied up with what you said or did, because at the end of the day, it’s how you make others feel about themselves.