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    5 Podcasts That Are Making A Difference

    As part of the Student Action Series, here are five awesome podcasts that are making a difference. Plug your headphones in, turn bluetooth on, stream one of these and indulge yourself into each episode! Written by Madi Wong, Writer/Blogger for RU Student Life

    1. Finding Cleo

    CBC / Via

    Hosted by Connie Walker, Finding Cleo is about a family looking for their sister, Cleo, a Cree girl who was apprehended by child welfare workers in the 1970's.

    The only information her siblings have on Cleo is that they believe she was taken away, killed and r*ped while trying to hitchhike home back to Saskatchewan. They are determined to find her and uncover the real truth about their long lost sister.

    Like Cleo, many Indigenous children were taken away from their communities across Canada and sent to live with white adoptive families.

    This podcast is incredible. It is not only educational and eye-opening but it will have you feeling so immersed into the story and into the lives of Cleo and her siblings.

    2. Nancy

    WNYC Studios / Via

    Though none of the hosts are actually named Nancy, the podcast is hosted by two best friends, Tobin Low and Kathy Tu.

    Low and Tu showcase a number episodes that story tell and talk about the queer experience. They wanted to create a space to talk about LGBTQ stories and conversations. They talk about defining themselves, the struggles they have encountered and much more.

    Nancy is an awesome podcast to listen to, you will find yourself learning something new, having a laugh and ending your listening station with a smile. There are so many diverse perspectives that this podcast exposes you to and it it definitely one I recommend.

    3. The Secret Life of Canada

    The Secret Life of Canada / Via Twitter: @secretlifeofcad

    The Secret Life of Canada is a podcast about the history of the country, stories of which you may not know or have never heard before in your history classes.

    Hosted by Leah Simone Bowen and Falen Johnson, listeners are able to hear the the untold and under-told stories of Canadian history.

    Need I say anymore? Uncover some mystery and learn something new by listening to a few episodes of this amazing podcast.

    4. Other People's Problems

    CBC / Via

    Hosted by Hillary L. McBride, a therapist, this podcast strives to demystify mental health by having real, open conversations with McBride and her clients.

    In the episodes, you'll be able to listen to the experiences of those facing mental health issues and what it actually feels like to be in their position. Some of the episodes topics include talking about traumatic births, suicide and coping with anxiety.

    This podcast will truly open your mind up to the difficulties that others face and will teach others about destigmatizing mental health and how they can potentially help those around them.

    5. Women Rule

    POLITICO / Via

    POLITICO's Anna Palmer introduces her podcast listeners to badass females. Each of her guests talk about how they made it, the hardships they faced on the path to success and the advice they have to other women.

    It highlights the endless capability that women hold and is intended to encourage women to always strive for more.

    Hear the tales of these badass women on your daily commute, while you clean or on on a walk.

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