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    5 Mediums For Well-Being That You Will Enjoy

    Though there are without a doubt many negatives that can come from the media we consume and the mediums we use to view media, there are also many positives. For RUSL's Digital Well-Being week, here are some mediums that are for your own well-being. Written by Madi Wong, Writer/Blogger for RU Student Life

    1. Gentle Whispering ASMR Videos

    Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook

    Ok, so this is not your typical soap cutting video but listening to people and celebrities whisper, even if it doesn't soothe you, has got to give you a laugh.

    Gentle whispering ASMR videos have been very popular in both creating and viewership. There is something about gentle whispering that soothes people and puts them in a calmer state. Cardi B may not be the best example, but you get what I mean.

    Also, I have never heard OKUURRRR in a whisper before watching this and it made my life.

    2. Reading Material


    Some reading material online can range from anything to daily reminders or motivational quotes, to reading an e-book or short story on your phone.

    Apps like Headspace and Calm allow users to not only meditate but gives the option to send daily messages to your phone or device to remind you to be and stay mindful.

    Books like Oprah's The Wisdom of Sundays and Jen Sincero's You Are A Badass are available for e-book download (or of course in hardcopy in stores).

    3. Sand Cutting ASMR Videos

    KineticSand Slicing on a mousepad #kineticsand #satisfying #asmr

    Sand Tagious / Via Twitter: @sand_tagious

    Sand cutting videos, along with videos of people crushing slime and cutting bars of soap, have turned out to be very satisfying for numerous people.

    There are a bunch of social media accounts and YouTube channels dedicated to creating this content for people.

    4. Podcasts


    Using the Podcasts app in the App Store or on another medium, there are a wide range of podcasts ready for you to listen to.

    Whether you enjoy listening to topics pertaining to entertainment, sports, news, etc. there is a podcast out there for everyone.

    There are even several that dedicate their show to talking about lifestyle and physical and mental well-being. For instance, How I Built This, TED Radio Hour and The Daily Boost are some that you can easily access online and dive in to.

    5. Music/Sounds

    Whether you prefer to listen to pre-curated playlists or perhaps made one on your own, music is always a great medium for us to indulge in, no matter what mood we may be in.

    Music providers like Spotify and Apple have formed a variety of playlists for different moods and needs. If you need to relax, there are always these to check out, or if you happen to follow friends or strangers who have a great taste of music, plug your earphones in and lie down to enjoy the tunes.

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